Product Review – Uenjoy Folding Massage Table

If you are looking for a massage table that does justice to its price and want something that you can use for lashes or wax or normal massage jobs, Uenjoy Folding Massage Table can really help you enjoy these services. With a decent price tag, this massage table has a lot more to offer you than you could expect. The sturdiness and durability are the priority factors in its build construction. This one is easy to install and suitable to use for most of the people. If you want something to enjoy a massage in your home or experiment with it being a therapy student than this one could be the perfect choice you can make. However, you may experience some little flaws that can be overlooked and well compensated by some great features.

More sturdy than you expect

The sturdiness is the first thing we should mention about this massage table this is something you may be confused about due to an inexpensive price. But to ensure its sturdiness we can say that this table comes with Reinforced Top grade Hardwood frame that has strong steel support cables. It can provide a maximum weight capacity of 496 lbs. This is fair enough and should be able withstand to the majority of people.

High-quality materials

Uenjoy Folding Massage Table is made with high-quality materials. It ensures top-grade durability & higher comfort level with the oil- and waterproof leather covering that is filled with high-density foam.

Easy installation

The massage table consists of a very professional and thoughtful design that is done in a way that you can easily install or remove its different components such as the detachable headrest, armrests, and arm-slings. It doesn’t require any tools for installation. you can just open and unfold it from the middle, then you will see the legs are automatically falling into place.

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Portable and adjustable

The table comes with a standard size dimension that is 84” × 23.6”including the headrest. The adjustable massage table height ranges from 24″ to 33″. This is a portable massage table bed that can be folded up and easily carried away. To make things more convenient it comes with a  carrying handle and a free carry case.

Our Opinion

If you are looking for a massage table for spa service, professional clinics or therapy center and you are on budget then this could be a great choice to consider. It should be enough comfortable and not create any major issue. Considering the price and the 1-year warranty service you think its worth of a deal for this inexpensive easy-to-setup table.

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