Top 10 Exclusive Office Chairs 2021 analyzed hundreds of office chairs from dozens of manufacturers, along with customer ratings, returns, comments, surveys, and a bunch of other factors to determine which office chairs have the highest level of customer satisfaction.

“On average, we spend about five to six hours sitting at our desks during a typical workday.”

-Data collected from Our Office Chair Genius Quiz responses

We spend a lot of time and effort thinking about what computer or device will work best, but very little time thinking about what we’re sitting on. Here’s a test: if you spent more time thinking about what case you need for your phone than what you sit on every day, then you may soon be in the market for a comfortable office chair.

At, we sell a lot of office chairs. A lot. We have several folks who have become experts at matching people of all shapes, sizes, health problems (e.g., back pain), etc. with the office chair that will best meet their needs. Plus, we have accumulated tons of sales, surveys, returns, and rating data about the best office chairs. We use that data to come up with recommendations in the Office Chair Genius.

Rather than keeping all of this useful information to ourselves, we thought, “Why not share it with everyone?” So, here it is. We hope this information helps everyone make better decisions about what office chair is right for him/her.

Keep in mind that office chairs are very subjective. Everyone is a little different, and what makes one person comfortable and happy may not work for another person. With that said, there are patterns of general customer happiness when it comes to office chairs.

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Best Office Chairs based on customer satisfaction.

Herman Miller Setu Chair

95.35%Customer Satisfaction Rating in Amazon (as of 10th February 2020)

Return Rate: 4.3%

Designed as a conference room chair instead of a traditional task chair, the Setu Chair has become extremely popular for many informal office environments as well as conference rooms. It has also become a favorite for many home office workers who do not spend more than a couple of hours a day at their desks. The Setu’s beautiful design is often cited as its most favorable quality. On the negative side, if you are looking for a hardcore task chair for 6+ hours a day, and/or you are a big person, you will find that the Setu is not the best fit. The back isn’t tall enough to support tall users or long-term support. For its utility in conference rooms, temporary spaces, and short duration home office use, the Setu is in our customers’ top 10 list.

Is This Chair Right for Your Office? Read Some Customer Review:

Why People Choose It

Why Others Don’t

“The chair bends and flexes to your movement, no clunky adjustment knobs needed.”

“It is light, airy because of the mesh surfaces, and ergonomically perfect (for me, at least).”

“I like the clean understated design of this chair. It works great without broadcasting its features.”

“The fabric on the seat and back is pliable but pretty supportive, and the flexing back gives just enough so it’s easy to lean back without having to force your weight on the chair.”

“Slightly short seat depth for employees 6′ or taller.”

“I ordered this chair without arms, but with the braking wheels which were very unsatisfactory. If the chair was empty, the brakes were on and thus it was very difficult to move the chair.”

“No adjustments except seat height.”

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Humanscale Freedom Chair

95.87% Customer Satisfaction Rating in Amazon (as of 10th February 2020)

Return Rate: 4.3%

A favorite prop in popular television action dramas due to its sleek design, the Freedom Chair provides ergonomic benefit to the sitter with a minimum number of manually-adjusted controls. It is a popular chair and in our top 10 because customers love its looks. Freedom receives the highest praise from customers of average size who are more or less proportional in build. Some customers find that the lack of adjustment controls limit the Freedom’s comfort, yet it has an adjustment most office chairs don’t; the ability to adjust the back height independent of the seat. Overall, it scores the highest of all Humanscale Office Chairs for customer satisfaction and makes our top 10.

Is This Chair Right for Your Office? Read Some Customer Review:

Why People Choose It

Why Others Don’t

“Very attractive and very comfortable, unlike any chair I’ve ever owned before.”

“The seat is somewhat large to accommodate almost any user, and the back of the seat has plenty of giving and tension so that you can not only recline at will but even recline at slightly different angles according to the tension you put into the recline feature.”

“This is like business class in an airplane…”

One drawback for me was to have to lift the separate pieces to assemble, of which, there were two (2) — it is “heavy duty” indeed.”

“To adjust the armrests you push in on a sliding plastic slab, which allows the armrests to rotate. This can become a problem however when you lean on the armrests or press on them to sit down or get up; they wobble, and you can inadvertently depress the sliding mechanism and cause the arms to move.”

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Steelcase Leap Chair

96.51% Customer Satisfaction Rating in Amazon (as of 10th January 2020)

Return Rate: 3.4%

The Leap Chair’s strengths are comfort and support. Leap is a bread-and-butter chair that gets the job done. It gets high marks in the most essential categories for an office chair, and good marks in everything else. Among the negative comments from unsatisfied buyers, often cited were high prices and lack of “advanced styling.” With a Satisfaction rating of over 96.51%, the Leap Chair is an overwhelming hit with most buyers. There are good reasons why the designers of the chair stayed away from stylization in favor of high-performance design. The Leap Chair is a customer favorite.

Is This Chair Right for Your Office? Read Some Customer Review:

Why People Choose It

Why Others Don’t

“I can definitively say that the Leap Chair stands on its own as a comfortable, affordable, and all-around high-utility chair.”

“The quality of construction and ergonomic functions are stellar and worth the money over all the other “top” chairs I tried or purchased.”

“It is very comfortable and easy to adjust to precisely the way you like it. It provides great back support.”

“I had ACDF surgery due to poor ergonomics in the workplace for many years. This chair has changed my life and I no longer go home in pain.”

“My greatest disappointment is the fact that it does not lower enough for my short legs (I’m 5’4″).”

“The lumbar support is hard to move.”

“The seat cushion feels too firm for my liking…”

“I am afraid the platinum finish isn’t going to hold up to scuffs and scrapes that are inevitable in any chair you work in 40 hours/week.”

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Knoll Life Chair

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95.88% Customer Satisfaction Rating in Amazon (as of 10th January 2020)

Return Rate: 3.63%

Knoll is one of the most revered modern furniture brands in the world, and the Life Chair is their contribution to the ergonomic seating market. It combines newer technologies like a resilient, flexible back material and springy shoulder support to give the user a unique sitting experience. The seat consists of traditional foam, so it feels familiar. Choose between bright or neutral colors, and add bells and whistles like High-Performance Arms. The side-to-side flexing from the figure-8 back and the malleable front seat edge make sure that you’re supported in practically any position. Staying true to the Knoll brand, the Life Chair’s bold styling will make a statement in any environment.

Is This Chair Right for Your Office? Read Some Customer Review:

Why People Choose It

Why Others Don’t

“Enjoying this chair, just as expected after doing some test sits!”Great chair, I think it may be the most comfortable and supportive office chair on the market today. I shopped around and visited some display rooms and sat in many many office chairs and found this chair was the most comfortable of all.”

“So far, I am pretty positive, I like a firm and large cushion and I move around all the time.”

“Pros: 1. Great design.2. Great built-it ergonomic support.”

“I don’t like the color, both the frame and the seat pad. The color shows on the screen is quite different from the real product.”There is very little padding on the seat. I would suggest the designers use a mesh seat that contours the butt and legs and allows for breathability.”

“Great Chair, Very Slow to Ship & Deliver”


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Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair

96.93% Customer Satisfaction Rating in Amazon (as of 10th January 2020)

Return Rate: 3.1%

The Mirra 2 Chair represents a rethinking of one of Herman Miller’s most successful office chairs. Acclaimed by as the best of 6 task chairs in a recent test, Mirra 2 features a redesigned back and a tilt mechanism that allows you to smoothly move from one posture to another. This beautifully engineered office chair ably responds to the needs of a workplace in motion, moving smoothly from collaborative to tasking positions as you move.

Is This Chair Right for Your Office? Read Some Customer Review:

Why People Choose It

Why Others Don’t

“I had the v1 Mirra which is also great, but this one seems easier to move around as it’s quite a bit lighter although the construction is still top-notch.”

“Adjustability is quick and easy, the armrests are wide, and the upholstered back is supportive without being too harsh.”

“IIn comes Mirra 2 – redesigned to be leaner, lighter, slightly smaller, and more flexible. I now have the perfect chair.”

“Mirra 2 was not as good in the reclined position, but it felt better when using a more upright position.”

“Seat depth is changed by simply bending down the front of the seat to make it smaller, so doesn’t prove to be a true depth adjustment.”

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Herman Miller Sayl Chair

97.22% Customer Satisfaction Rating in Amazon (as of 10th January 2020)

Return Rate: 2.7%

The Sayl Chair comes from the mind of Yves Behar, one of the coolest people on the planet. Behar is an amazing designer, and the Sayl may be his crowning achievement. Customers who love the Sayl cite its cutting-edge, dramatic design. The Sayl earns its reputation as one of the most beautiful office chairs in Herman Miller’s stable. Customers who do not love the Sayl Chair cite its lack of complete ergonomic support and comfort. However, the SaJyl was not designed to be a full-time task chair. Most satisfied customers use it in conference rooms, informal settings, and limited-use home offices. If you are a big person, this is not a full-time chair for you. If you want a gorgeous chair from Herman Miller that is priced to sell, the Sayl is a good bet.

Is This Chair Right for Your Office? Read Some Customer Review:

Why People Choose It

Why Others Don’t

“The Sayl Chair’s design is modern and fresh.”

“Simple, comfortable adjustments…”

“I love the ventilated back, no sweaty grossness, and very comfortable amount of flex.”

“With the Sayl chairs, we can sit for long periods with absolutely no discomfort.”

“It’s too small for tall folks.”

“Lacks adjustments necessary to be a full-performance task chair.”

“Tilt limiter makes a “clank” when you hit it.”

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Steelcase Think Chair

97.77% Customer Satisfaction Rating in Amazon (as of 10th February, 2020)

Return Rate: 4.1%

Starting with the previous generation on continuing into its new iteration, the Think Chair continues to be one of our top-selling Steelcase chairs. It’s no wonder. The Think has a solid ergonomic heritage and, naturally, is given a nod by many customers for having plenty of adjustabilities and fine-tuned comfort. “Perfect” was a common word used by a large percentage of happy customers. The Think fits comfortably in the mid-high range of fully-featured task chairs and is given high marks for its ability to accommodate a wide range of body types. This chair has its detractors – some who were less than pleased noted that the lumbar support had room for improvement. Those taller than 6 feet wanted a deeper seat pan. However, everyone agreed that the Think Chair’s breathable back kept them cool during work hours, no matter how late they worked.

Is This Chair Right for Your Office? Read Some Customer Review:

Why People Choose It

Why Others Don’t

“Yes…the perfect desk chair. It’s comfortable but not too soft, supportive to your back in all seating positions, adjustable every way you could want (even the arms rotate), and it’s not the size of a small elephant.”

“This chair keeps me from sweating due to the breathable backrest. The chair is so comfortable without being too soft.”

“I don’t have to worry about setting a large number of adjustment options. The chair thinks!”

“I couldn’t sit up straight and feel supported by this chair, even with the added lumbar support which I purchased.”

“The fit is a bit small for really tall people.”

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Herman Miller Embody Chair

97.92% Customer Satisfaction Rating in Amazon (as of 10th January 2020)

Return Rate: 4.8%

The Embody Chair is the top of the line for office chairs. For comfort, ergonomic design, and performance, it cannot be beaten. It’s expensive, yes, but it’s guaranteed for 12 years. We’ve done a lot of testing on this chair, and while every demographic loves it, it is designed for people who like to work with a slight (or major) recline. While you can sit in an upright posture and still feel right at home, you get the most utility out of the Embody Chair when you’re working in a reclined position. Just play with the Backfit Adjustment and Tilt Limiter and find the optimal setting for you. The haters cite Embody’s price tag as the number one negative attribute. Some customers find it uncomfortable – but an overwhelming majority say just the opposite. With nearly a 98% satisfaction rating, Embody lovers overwhelmingly cite its ergonomic support and comfort as positive attributes. Not to mention that it makes you feel like the work you are doing is important – or at least other people think your work is important because your chair is so badass.

Is This Chair Right for Your Office? Read Some Customer Review:

Why People Choose It

Why Others Don’t

“My back problems are gone.”

“It contours to the back and the tilt adjustment has many settings allowing great flexibility.”

“There is no doubt of all the high-end task chairs I have sat in; the Embody is the most amazing and conforming chair.”

“I can sit for hours at my desk and feel perfect!”

“I found the seat to be too hard…”

“This chair was a little pricey.”

“The arms on the chair can be adjusted in and out, however, they don’t have a locking mechanism.”

“The only problem I have encountered is that the seat length adjustment retracts back on its own sometimes.”

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Steelcase Amia Chair

98.08% Customer Satisfaction Rating in Amazon (as of 10th January 2020)

Return Rate: 1.4%

The data says what it says. The Steelcase Amia Chair has one of the highest-ranking for overall satisfaction. As Steelcase says, “Amia is made for sitting. A chair with the comfort you feel. All-day long.” Although the Amia may seem somewhat ordinary compared with other chairs on the list, it makes up for it with awesome comfort. An overwhelming number of happy Amia buyers cited its great comfort and easy adjustments as positive qualities. Of course, not everyone liked it – a very small percentage of users thought it was uncomfortable and a few thought it was expensive. The mix of home office users and business customers was pretty balanced. So, for the home or office, the Amia Chair is a good value, very comfortable, and provides solid support. And people love it. The Amia Chair is a mid-range priced office chair with elite-level customer satisfaction.

Is This Chair Right for Your Office? Read Some Customer Review:

Why People Choose It

Why Others Don’t

“I used to have to go to the chiropractor at least once a week – now I haven’t been in months. It’s amazing what a good chair can do.”

“The extra features allow me to adjust my arms and tilt back with ease to increase that comfort. No more sore back or shoulders.”

“This is a very attractive, comfortable chair with plenty of adjustabilities.”

“It’s important to have a chair that is supportive and comfortable. The Amia Chair offers both that.”

“The seat cushion is somewhat hard.”

“I find that the seatback is uncomfortable.”

“The plastic armrests don’t feel good against my skin.”

“The fabric is rough…”

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Herman Miller Aeron Chair

98.56% Customer Satisfaction Rating in Amazon (as of 10th January 2020)

Return Rate: 2.8%

The Aeron Chair is one of the most recognizable icons in the business world. For decades it has been a symbol of success. Aeron is so popular, it has broken all the commonly held rules when it comes to analyzing a product’s life cycle. It’s in a class all by itself. Interestingly enough, its largest competitor maybe its secondary market – that is, companies that buy old chairs and refurbish them. Going that route may save you some money in the short run, but the Aeron was built for 12 years of warranty for use. And as many people note, its warranty and quality are very important features.

Buying a used Aeron is kind of like buying a used mattress – if it doesn’t gross you out, go for it. Just don’t expect any warranty coverage from a secondhand shop. The top reasons people love the Aeron Chair include its comfort, support, and one of kind styling. Those who do not like the Aeron cite its lack of a headrest and the hard edges on the perimeter of the chair’s seat. The Aeron is an icon for a reason. It’s comfortable, it’s cool looking, and it’s designed very, very well. Its slight drawbacks and flaws are more than compensated for by all the great things the chair has to offer.

Is This Chair Right for Your Office? Read Some Customer Review:

Why People Choose It

Why Others Don’t

“I couldn’t find a comfortable chair to work in until I bought the Aeron.”

“The Aeron Chair lets me work in comfort and pain-free.”

“This is the best office chair I have ever had. I will never have anything else. I spend at least 10 hours a day at my desk – and comfort is very important. This chair delivers 10 fold.”

“It provides great support and I almost feel like I am floating.”

“The sides/front of seat curves up and digs into the side of my legs.”

“I wish there was a headrest option available…”

“The seat doesn’t raise high enough for very tall folks.”

“The adjustable arms are too easy to move and could stand to be a bit tighter.”

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So, that’s our report on the Top 10 Office Chairs based on customer satisfaction. We’ve based our results on what our customers have said and removed our opinions from the equation. We know that everyone will have their own opinions – and no one will agree with the results. That’s OK.

If you’re buying an office chair, the important thing to remember is that you should think of it as a long-term investment. Make sure that you speak with people who sell all types of chairs and make them aware of your particular circumstances. Feel free to contact us anytime with questions (click here for ways to reach us). If you’re shy, try out our Office Chair Genius and let us know if it gets it right (or wrong). Good luck, and happy office chair hunting.

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