Safeplus 3-Section Professional Portable Massage Table Bed

Looking to start your massage therapy service? Whether you are a professional or a therapy student, we have this 3 section Portable Massage Table Bed that has quality construction and a bundle of features for you to get started with a massage table. It is a very easy-to-set-up table that is surprisingly sturdy. It offers some great features providing relief from pain and tension through amazing treatments and therapies. We will be discussing some of its features in details such as the durability, quality, ease of use, and other regular features along with the included accessories it comes along.

Durable construction

This massage table consists of a high-quality build construction that is reinforced with sturdy steel support cables. It can hold a max weight up to 550 lbs. You can be relaxed of the sturdiness while enjoying your therapies on this steel constructed table. It is an ideal massage table for professional therapists and home users alike.

Great features

The material of the PU leather is made of high-quality standards thus it is waterproof, oil resistant, and also very easy to clean. It also comes with the comfortable and easy-to-adjust padding made from high-density sponges. The adjustable face-cradle and high-density foam armrest is a great plus to its comfort level.


This is a massage table that is easy to assemble, use, and even carry away by folding it up. Due to this foldability, it makes the storage and transportation a lot easier.

Included accessories

This massage table includes accessories such as the adjustable plastic headrests, hanging plates, armrests, and face plugs.

Warranty & customer support

The manufacturers give the most priority to customer satisfaction. As a result, they have the 90-day money back guarantee and also a 12-month product warranty. Additionally, you have the 24-hour customer service response time & technical support.

Comfortable setup

The massage table is precision-crafted with enduring aluminum and the table’s height allow 7-level adjustment for a diverse option for your service. The face cradle could also be adjusted freely for catering the service to different people. The removable side armrests allow the therapist to cater for larger clients and with the adjustable headrest allows the client to be put in different positions

Our Opinion

We think this Portable Massage Table Bed is one of the most fully featured, economical massage table packages. This one is ideal for therapy students, professional therapists, and home users alike. If you belong to any of these categories who are looking for a good massage table then you should not hesitate to buy it!

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