Inside Weather Furniture: Reviewing the Sofa Sectionals

Being millennials, we can’t really take chances while choosing the best suited on-trend sofa collection for our homes. There are good companies out there to meet your need for great sofa sets yet there is the vacuum of providing aesthetics that uses your deep imagination and allows the highest level of customization. Well, the vacuum doesn’t seem to be there anymore with the grand entry of Inside Weather Furniture Company, which is capitalizing on amazing aesthetics and the highest level of customization. You get an unbelievable variety of arm styles, upholstery colors, textures, cushion configuration with sectional setups, pillow details, and lots more.

Inside Weather

         has been one of the most promising furniture companies to provide their sofas and other furniture within a quick shipping time, affordable price, and convenient and quicker assembly. The best thing about their sofas is that they are completely customizable. Now you can have your unique piece of the sofa out of millions of combinations. However, if you don’t bother about customizing and are happy to go with their ready-made options, you are most welcome for that as well. They have some excellent customizable readily available sofa sectionals that will blow your mind. For Inside Weather Furniture, it is you who matters, so begin with a Silhouette with your very own favorite collection.

This buying guide is intended for the Inside Weather Furniture Review that highlights all the aspects of their sofa sections. Here we’ll discuss things that you can expect from Inside Weather’s amazing sofa collection.

Meet the Inside Weather

Inside Weather is a recently launched San Francisco–based furniture company. It’s out there to prove that comfort and customization are not something mutually exclusive. Inside Weather furniture is the most of-trend inclusions that offer excellent personalization and accessibility. You can customize every detail, order it online and get it shipped in the most convenient way. No-more lifting, no-hassles of assembling. Everything was designed so beautifully. W can hear it from the Inside Weather CEO Ben Parsa as he says, “Simply put, we started Inside Weather because there was not enough room for choice when it came to shopping for furniture at this price point.’’ They have a unique business vision that can transform your perspective regarding furniture shopping.

The reason behind their unbelievable price point is their in-house design and building, and the 0-inventory business model. This inventory model means they only do what they get as orders. So they can reduce the production cost a great deal without sacrificing the product quality. There are no middlemen, warehouses, and wasted materials; so you get the best at a price that you could’ve only imagined so far. By not focusing on the secondary issues, they’ve made them capable of offering the luxury of choices as each of the items can be personalized with more than three million unique combinations. We’ll discuss the sofa sectionals here, this will show us how Inside Weather furniture reviews should actually go about.


Inside Weather Sofa Review

This buying guide is particularly designed for reviewing the Inside Weather Sofa Sectionals. These are some of the top products that the company is known for. These sofas come packed with features and these deserve to have a deeper look into it.

Inside Weather Sectionals

Move the Modules

The Inside Weather sectional sofas are modular. So you get the chance to switch to any side and any time you want. You can even redesign them to make them look unlike anything else out there.

Convenient & Minimalist

These sofas amazingly combine the comfort factor with slim and minimalist arm designs. The arms are constructed with Baltic birch plywood and covered in synthetic down padding and high-density PU foam. Cool and comfy shoulder for your binge-watching time.

Custom Upholstery

The variety of some stunning textures and colors for the sofa upholstery gonna make you crazy. Its upholstery comes with 100% polyester-made Pebble Weave where the woven is thick in nature. And adding to that is its dynamic variations in its texture and tone. You really find an organic movement effect that makes it enjoyable even if your Significant Other makes you use it like the Inside Weather Sleeper Sofa. For custom made one, don’t hesitate to order some bonus swatches for the IRL buzz.

inside weather furniture custom upholstery

Maximum Comfort

The Inside Weather Seat Cushions have triple-layer multi-density foam. They are wrapped in the super comfy soft synthetic down. This multi-layered foam comes with a fuller shape with optimal firmness that makes it more supportive as your base. The back pillows that you get along with the sofas are equally good because of their great quality, soft-synthetic wrapping, and long-lasting foam construction. An amazing combination of squish and support. They also self-adjust to sit atop while arch slat suspension.


These sofa sectionals can withstand anything life throws at them. No matter whether you want to have your dinner on the couch, let the pets play on it, or have fun with your friends. They are friendly to all these circumstances and you can clean the fabrics easily as well. Moreover, its upholstered components are enclosed in a waterproof nylon case. So it stays protected all the time. Also, there are hidden zippers for the pillows and the non-tufted cushions. It provides the ease of removal and maintenance. All in all, designed as life-proof for your maximum convenience.

Inside Weather Furniture LifeProof

Sturdy Frame

The sturdy frame is built to last. Its construction includes the chosen Baltic birch plywoods and kiln-dried solid woods. To wrap this frame, you find high-density Polyurethane foam and synthetic down padding. On top, there is a waterproof nylon case to ensure the utmost durability. Underneath the frame stands, it is supported by solid ash wood made Beveled base in Espresso. You can pile on this sturdy frame of people or animals weighing up to 1000 lbs.

Customize Your Way

Customize the look and feel of these Inside Weather sofa sectionals the way you want. Regarding the feel, you can add additional support, get a softer seat, and many more. Also, customize the comfort with the Snug and Plush Cushion options. Make out a sofa combination that speaks up for you.

Crafted in California

When it’s about furniture making, no place could be better than that of California. These amazing sofa pieces are made-to-order from the Inside Weather workshop located in San-Fransisco, California. From its sawing and sewing to packaging and shipping, the manufacturer’s see it all through from the start to the finish.

Inside Weather Furniture Features

Convenient Shipping

Quick Shipping is one of the Unique Service Point of the Inside Weather. Even, if it’s regarding the highly customized furniture, no longer waiting for months, get them shipped at your doorsteps within a few days. Each of the sectionals arrives using UPS Ground in 3-4 boxes. Even the packaging is made convenient in a flat-pack design so that you don’t hurt your back. It ships free and in a jiff as soon as you’re ready.

365 Day Home Trial

An offer that you don’t get pretty often. It comes with a 12 months money-back guarantee or we can say a 365-day trial to let you be acclimated to the new design. You can take up the whole year to see if you find any way to be dissatisfied. If you find anything that you are not happy with, you are welcome to return it back with a full refund.

Contribute to Nature

You also get the chance to contribute to the environment. Don’t feel you are behind the destruction of nature, rather feel like a contributor as your every order allows a tree to be planted via the National Forest Foundation. You can relax peacefully knowing that your sofas are the most sustainable out there in the market.

Fastest & Easiest Assembly

The well-thought design process of the Inside Weather sofa sectionals includes the convenience of their assemblage as well. You can do it in the quickest time and the easiest way possible. You get all the tools to require for its assembly, so it should generally take you less than 15 minutes to wrap up the job.


Sofa Sectionals to Start Customizing

There are different silhouettes regarding the Inside Weather Sofa Sectionals that you can start your custom shopping with. These come in modular chaises and you can choose one to design the details in your way. These sectionals come with different basic tones and textures which can be customized in millions of combinations. We are not talking about the look only, but also about its feel, you can choose the firmness, support, and other functionalities. Below are some options to start with.

Inside Weather Issa Sofa Sectional

Inside Weather Issa Sectional

Click To Start Customizing Your Sofa

Inside Weather Levi Sofa Sectional

Inside Weather Levi Sofa

Click To Start Customizing Your Sofa

Inside Weather Powell Sofa Sectional

Inside Weather Powell Sectional

Click To Start Customizing Your Sofa

Inside Weather Brooklyn Sofa Sectional

Inside Weather Brooklyn Sectional

Click To Start Customizing Your Sofa

Inside Weather Asher Sofa Sectional

Inside Weather Asher Sectional

Click To Start Customizing Your Sofa

Inside Weather Nox Sofa Sectional

Inside Weather Nox Sectional

Click To Start Customizing Your Sofa

Inside Weather Jett Sofa Sectional

Inside Weather Jett Sectional

Click To Start Customizing Your Sofa

Inside Weather Milo Sofa Sectional

Inside Weather Milo Sectional

Click To Start Customizing Your Sofa

Hear it from the Customers

While going through the customer response regarding the Inside Weather furniture company’s sofa sectionals, we’ve come across some overwhelming response. We’ve picked some vital points that have mainly impressed the customers from the deservingly honest reviews for such amazing aesthetics for your living room.


People are amazed by the price point of the Inside Weather Sofa, especially considering its high-standards and ease of customization. The price starts at $1198, which is why people think it to be a standout option.

Easy & Quick Customization

The customers think that they are now saving on the money with their purchase as they don’t have to pay the interior designers for their living room aesthetics. People have started to think of themselves as interior designers as they can tailor it according to their space and interior preference of their own.

Convenient Shipping

People get it within the few days of their order and it is mostly shipped within promise time. Even if they delay for a couple of days, you would find the shipping time to be the quickest compared to others in the market.

Easy to Carry and Assemble

The product packaging is so convenient that people can move it with ease. And it takes only 10-15 minutes to assemble the whole sofa.

Pet-Friendly Upholstery

People love the fact that they can now have their playful pets alongside them on the upholstery of these sectionals. It’s durable, protected, and easy to clean.


Having so many options for swatches is something people find very delightful. You can now order several swatches and make your sofa look different every time.

Great After-Sales Service

People can buy this sofa with confidence as they have the guarantee skim of the home trial. So they know they can return it if it doesn’t do what it says. The after-sales support team of the Inside Weather will get to their customers the moment they need any of their help. It could be regarding the design purpose or any quality issue (which is not likely to happen). The customers are happy to have a private designer for their home.


There is no doubt that Inside Weather furniture company is here to make it big in terms of customizable furniture. Their business model and customer support state that they are in the market to stay. In this buying guide for Inside Weather Sofa Review, we’ve come across the vital intro of the company, excellent features of the sofa sectional, and a summary of the outstanding customer reviews. If you are planning to have something that only belongs to you. Then this should’ve helped you to have a deep look into these sofas

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