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Picking out the correct height of a typical bar stool can be difficult. If they’re way too short, you actually can’t reach the bar and in case they’re too high, you’ll really have to slouch – neither is rather comfortable and, let’s face it, may not produce any good result. Here are some ideas on how to pick the best stool for your counter or bar.

Counter Stool vs Bar Stool

Understanding the contrast between a bar stool and a counter stool is very important. A counter stool is often approximately 24? and is generally used at a kitchen counter, whether in-home or your restaurant. A bar stool is around 30 and is suitable for sitting at a bar.


  • Measure the Height of the Bar or Counter: Evaluate from the floor to the top level of the bar and don’t forget to do it twice to make sure of accuracy.
  • Select the right Stool: Consider the height measurement of the bar and deduct 10? – that’ll be the estimated height of stool you can buy. This gives you a lot of space to stay at the bar, without or with your legs crossed, and feel relaxed. To have the height of the stool, assess from the feet up to the seat.

These counter height stool seats range between 24-29 ins from the ground and therefore are perfect for tables or kitchen counters that are about 34-39 ins high. On the other hand, a bar stool seat is about 30-36 ins from the floor and is ideal for bars or counters that are 40-46 ins from the ground.

How Many Bar Stools Will Fit?

Besides figuring out the height of your bar stools, you will have to think about the number of stools that will fit perfectly in the bar or counter. You should ensure that there’s no less than 26-30 in between each bar stool (measurement taken through one center from the stool to another one). And also, allow 14 in the center of the last stool towards the wall. This measure of space give customers to comfortably eat, drink, and acquire in and out of their seat without difficulty.

Design Choices

Bar stools are available in many designs, sizes, shapes, and patterns, so you need to consider the following in order to pick the best stool for you:

  • Décor: Think about the overall décor of your own home, the best way everything is positioned, and also the style that you’ve and choose a stool that will blend along with your décor. If you prefer a more casual or modern look, you could think about a backless stool. For the more elegant look, choose a stool using a back and armrests inside a metallic or carved wood finish.
  • Functionality: Do you think you’re or your guests going to be relaxing in the stools for longer periods of time? In that case, you could a great idea is a stool with a back, that will much more relaxing rather than a backless bar stool. Additionally, pick a stool which has a comfortable cushion seat – in case you can’t choose one that you prefer, you can buy a chair pad which will add more comfort while meshing along with your home décor.
  • Small Spaces: When you have a little space, find a bar stool without having arms so you’re able to slide it under the bar when it’s not being used. If you pick a swivel stool along with a back, the stool can be used as conversational seating in your own residence.
  • For the Kids: When you have children, you should go with a stool which has no cushion (or even a spill-resistant fabric cushion) or even a leather seat for quick clean-up. As well, a flexible stool might be useful so they are able to simply can get on and off the chair and regulate the height while they grow.

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