Factors to consider for a professional portable massage table

If you are a professional massage therapist, you know the importance of a professional portable massage table. It provides you the flexibility and ease of delivering massage therapies to your clients, especially when you provide mobile massage services. These are the reasons they are so popular compared to the stationary ones. But to choose the right one out of many it takes some factors to consider before making any buying decision for a massage table and it takes even more consideration in the case of the portable ones. This review guide is intended to give you an insight into some of these factors while choosing the portable massage table and also recommend some of the best ones we have around. But before getting into the names we want to share with you how we got those names.

We have talked with the massage therapists, sipped through countless online reviews, and also tested quite a few models to find out the important factors to determine which one is the best and why. Now we will be discussing the factors that led us to determine the best portable massage table.


Most massage tables are almost similar sizes as standard. The longest portable massage table on the market would be around 77-inches long and 28-inches wide. Tables of this size are not much available, however, the regular size of a massage table is 72 or 73 inches long and 27 or 28 inches wide. The long tables are less convenient to transport and hurt the purpose of buying a portable one as it may be harder to fit into a vehicle or storage than the shorter ones as the standard number of fold for massage tables is 2 fold where the key accessories are detachable.

Height adjustability

This is one of the most important features to look out for in a professional portable massage table. You need to get one with the adjustable height because the user of the massage table could be any height. It is easy to adjust the height of the massage table to save you from straining your back when performing any therapies or massages. If you are a professional therapist who massages for a living, then ensure the table to be comfortable as much as possible whilst working is important. However, not every table is a height-adjustable massage table, and the fixed tables should be only bought if you want them for personal use and it suits your height. Generally, the adjustable folding massage table height varies between 24 to 36 inches. This is the adjustability of afoot, which is very much useful and ensures the fact that the folding massage tables have to be suitable for almost any user.


Weight is another important factor while choosing the best massage table. There are two weights related to the table that are important, one is the weight of the table and the other is the amount of weight that the massage table can withstand. Most folding massage tables are capable of taking weights of over 400 lbs. This is supposed to be an adequate maximum threshold for most of the clients. If you want a table with more support weight then there are some more expensive models capable of taking weights of around 600 pounds. Regarding the weight of the tables themselves, they are designed to be as light as possible for the best possible portability. Being a lightweight portable massage table, they are still able to support a huge amount of weight. When folded the table comes with a case or the inbuilt handle to easily carry it and the weight that’s needed to be carried is between 45 and 50 pounds.

Wood or Aluminum Portable Massage Table

When you look around in the market for a professional portable massage table you will find the wooden folding massage tables are the most usual ones available. The other type of massage table that is thought to be stronger and premium is the aluminum-made portable massage table. But this is not true and the wooden and aluminum tables can be equally good. Aluminum tables have one advantage over the wooden table that these tables offer better portability and also making the legs and frame with thinner aluminum is necessary to support enough weight. Wooden tables, on the other hand, have hardwood construction. The wood construction is also sturdy and durable which makes it last for as long as possible too. Because the top brands choose the best grade of wood for their construction, thus providing enough strength to support weights of over 400 lbs. Wood is not that heavy either and can be enough lightweight to make folding massage tables more portable.


The make the massage as comfortable as possible, all massage tables feature cushioning on the table surface. The thicker foam should feel to be softer and more comfortable. Most tables have a foam cushion that is nearly 2 inches thick, whilst some luxurious tables have to cushion that is 4 inches in thickness. The foam quality is another important thing you should take care of. The best foam types to look out for are the ones having small cells and are firm and dense. The softer the foam, the harder it is to keep its shape. For example, memory foam is a firm foam that can keep its shape for a long time.


Another important factor regarding the comfort level and look of the table is the upholstery. Choosing a massage table with good upholstery is necessary for massage and therapies. The tables having leather upholstery provides the maximum finish and durability. The leather is a strong, natural, and safe material that won’t cause the risk of allergic reactions to the clients. The top folding massage tables come with PU leather that is fully waterproof and oil resistant. This also makes it easy to maintain the table and clean it as much as possible for your convenience.

Cable system

The cable system is a very important aspect of a portable massage table. It helps the table to retain its strength during use. The folds create portability but while it is erected, it needs a way to ensure that it stays supported and safe. For obvious reasons, the cables on the folding massage tables have to be very strong. The weight capacity of the table is also important to check as the cables should be able to support the maximum amount. The cable system on a professional portable massage table is like the car brake system and also matches the strength with its respect.


A guarantee or warranty is something you always look at while buying a product. This is the same case for the portable massage tables as well. They come with different levels of warranty and guarantee. Depending upon the manufacturer the warranty is usually covered for 1 year and as much as 3 years if the table is used according to warranty guidelines given in the manual. Some even have a lifetime warranty or a money-back guarantee. One important note is that the warranty is not supposed to cover the entire table for anything that does not go your way. The manufacturers usually offer a guarantee and warranty on particular parts, such as the quality of the wood, foam cushioning, the cable system, or the upholstery. These best portable massage tables listed below come with differing warranties.

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