Product Review – EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table Package Harmony DX

If you want something great from a reliable name for your massage therapy profession, then we have this Massage Table Package for you from Earthlite. This has it all to make your client the happiest person after he finishes taking a massage service from you. An eco-friendly design exclusively made headrest with a face cradle cushion, wide platform, and naturally, soft fabric sets it up for a great massaging experience. For these great features and sturdy build, the clients generally love this one and recommend it to the professionals. If you are looking for a recommendation, could anything be better?

Patented adjustable face cradle

The Earthlite massage table portable comes with a patented deluxe adjustable headrest that has a proprietary Cloudfill poly-gel blend face-cradle cushion for making things super comfortable and perfectly positioned for your client.

Foldable massage table with a durable casing

The Earthlite table is easy to fold and carry whenever the situation demands. You also have rugged nylon carry case to get it folded inside with a weight around 34 lbs.

Comfort at its best

The full-size table dimension is 30” x 73”, which is big enough to accommodate clients of all sizes. Hand padded with 2.5” cushioning having a soft dual-density that you must admire. Along with the comfortable headrest and padded handle, the table has the nature-soft fabric that is soft yet durable and yields to the touch.

Squeak-Proof and extremely sturdy

It is constructed with some of the best materials and processes belonging to some of the best places all over the world like the high-quality hard maple parts of North America, precision milling in America, and aircraft grade plywood decking of Russia. Isn’t it sound amazing? The reinforced hardwood corner blocks have a superior strength to withstand up to 600lbs on this massage table.

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Features:  some truly professional ones

The Earthlite massage table is made to professional standards for years of professional use. The features are complemented to their professionalism such as the non-slip stable feet, the full-length piano hinge for strength, sure-grip knobs, and attractive outlets made of dual Maple, and the heavy-duty single pocket carry-case.

A brand you trusted and will

Founded in 1987, Earthlite is undeniably one of the largest and most trusted massage equipment suppliers in the world. With the reliability, they also come up with the Lifetime warranty on the construction and frame to make things more convincing for you. You can also have a 3-year warranty on the upholstery and foam as well.

Our Opinion

It is a pro-level massage table that you can use for professional and home use alike. It is made to excellent quality that is perfectly suited to medical therapies or any other regular massaging service. One can set it up easily and store easily when not in use. The price may seem a little high but if you want something with brand strength, rich in feature, and made to excellent quality then paying a little more should be justified.

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