Product Review – Coronado LX Master Catalina Massage Table Portable

Thinking of a reservation in Catalina Island hotels to have some great body massage or spas? Here is the tip, save your money, just read below a review on our Catalina Spas Coronado Massage Table, you will find it worth investing.

Wondering how to go about the Master Massage tables? To get you through some idea about this massage table let’s take you through one of the customer reviews from Amazon who says, “Love, love, love this table! My clients are comfortable and I can pack up and travel with it easily. Great investment.” This review should help you understand how to go about this table.

The Coronado LX is also the Best Selling product that people like for being refined to heavy-duty use. It is a great table that provides some great advantages for its extra wide and portable design. Some of the amazing features described below will tell you how it is made to ensure the maximum comfort for the patients.  

Adjustable height, lightweight, great dimensions

You want a massage table with a great dimension to make it comfortable for all sizes of your clients. A dimension of 30″ (L) x 72″ (W) x 24-34″ (adjustable height) is just the perfect one you could get. Another plus is the lightweight nature of the table that weighs only 35 lbs.

Features that make it extra durable

Durability is the key feature you want in your massage table portable. The Master Massage tables truly show the promise of being durable and also efficient with some incredible features such as the Exclusive Higher Density 3″ Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam, CFC-free technology, Oil & Waterproof nature, and PU Upholstery in Agate Blue with denim-like reinforcement.

Sturdy hard legs and the extra-wide cushioned surface

The massage table comes with Northern Hardwood Legs that has a rich and hi-gloss Dura-Seal protected finish. The sturdiness would surely impress you so would the wide-shouldered “Big Top” Bed that provides 26% more cushioned surface for the superior comfort of the patient.

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Many more

It comes with some more standard features one such is the 1500 lbs aircraft-grade steel support cables for providing support maximum possible weight. Another great feature is the Ergonomic Dream Adjustable Face Cradle that includes a face pillow graciously layered with a foam, which is a pressure-point-relieving and heat-sensitive memory foam. When used together with the fully contoured position and adjustable arm shelf, the table can be customized for maximum comfort. You also get a free carrying case to let you carry it anywhere you want.

Used by a wide range of professionals

The Coronado LX is an ideal massage table for professionals belonging to different fields such as licensed massage therapists,  massage therapy students, tattoo artists, or anyone who wants to enjoy the ultimate benefits of massage!

Our Opinion

The client feedback is very good about this massage table. This is mostly praised for providing excellent comfort and also for the fact that it easy to assemble and disassemble. Regarding the price, it is on the expensive side. You may get some massage tables for a much less price with some similar features but not the same reliability that this massage table portable can give you.

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