Everything you need to know when buying a Massage table

Choosing a massage table is a vital investment you will need to take during your professional massage career, besides your professional training. There are many options to decide on, but if you don’t really know what you’re looking for, it is quite possible to pick the wrong massage table for yourself.

How to select the best Massage table

You will find 5-6 main features to keep in mind when choosing a massage table with all of them offering certain trade-offs in quality and price or practicality.


As a professional, your spa massage table has to be wide enough that all of the customers will feel comfortable while letting you deliver effective healing without putting stress on your own body. However, if you’re not a therapist you really need to just opt for something that accommodates you and your partner the best.

A good principle, though, is that if you’re a smaller person, there’s a chance you’re better off using a narrower table of 28”. If you’re taller, or if it actually spacious is the major factor, a table within the 30-32” range is more effective.

The best way to determine the best width is usually to cut out several pieces of cardboard in the widths you’re trying to choose from. Lay each piece over the kitchen table to lean over it.

An alternative is an hourglass massage table that features a tapered shape, being larger at the ends and narrower in between.


While the width is really a primary factor, it’s also very crucial to think of the length of your message and yoga table. Having good enough length can radically increase comfort.

The typical length for the majority of tables is 73”. However, It is possible to get shorter models if you really want one.

If you’re a mobile therapist, a smaller table means less weight to be toting around daily. However, what’s more, it means that tall clients may suffer a little ‘overhang’ at the end of the table.

As long as the table you select has a breath hole and completely removable face cradle, you’ll have the overall flexibility you need across treatments.


When you’re choosing a massage table, there are two weight considerations to factor in:

The carrying weight is the weight of the table itself when it’s all folded up and ready to be transported. This is very important if you do a lot of mobile treatments and will be carrying the table frequently.

The working weight is the amount of weight you can put on the table during massages, factoring the weight of the person lying on it and any bolsters or accessories you might be using.

The carrying weight of massage tables usually varies between 22lb and 46lb. The weight is largely dictated by the table’s design and dimensions, whether it has a lifting back seat, as well as whether its frame is wood or aluminum.

A Table’s Working Weight:

For most massage tables, the standard working weight is between 500 and 600 pounds. Considering that most people would weigh between 120 and 200 pounds, it is highly unlikely that you would ever test the upper limits of the table’s capacity.

Foam Thickness

Getting the right density of the foam is one of the most vital choices regarding your massage table.

Naturally, a high level of comfort when lying on the table should be a priority. Thick, high-quality foam will ensure that their whole body is supported and comfortable throughout every treatment.

It’s also important that the foam is durable enough to last the lifetime of the table. Higher-density foam won’t sag or develop air pockets over time as thinner foam can do.


While PU leather is a much better option, manufacturers of cheaper tables always keep an eye on keeping their costs down, which is why PVC is so common.

PVC leather is a synthetic material – you’ve probably seen it on cheap imitation leather sofas. It’s easy to clean and is very durable, though it’s not the most pleasant against the skin.

PU is also synthetic leather, but is much closer to real leather in its look and feel. It’s very soft and is very luxurious to lie on. It’s a very strong material, and like PVC is easy to clean, but is much more durable.

The Ratio of Quality to Price

As you’ve no doubt found with many things, paying a little extra for something can mean a big increase in the quality you get. Currently, there are three types of massage tables available on the market, and they can be separated by price range:

Budget massage tables, which are generally priced below $120.

Entry-level massage tables, which are usually between $150 and $250.

Professional level massage tables, which usually start around $300 and over.

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How to use a Massage table?

In this section, the article will explore the proper steps to take when using a massage table.

Adjust the height of your massage table.

Locating the proper height will eliminate excess reaching or bending, which puts unnecessary strain on your back. Everyone’s style and preference are different but a good starting point is to stand with your palms parallel to the floor and adjust the table height to just under your palms. From there, take the time to experiment and find the most comfortable height for you. Once you have your working height, lock the legs in place by fully tightening the knobs to keep the table solid and secure.

Adjust your headrest.

When properly adjusted, there will be no strain on the back of the neck and minimal pressure on the face. The best way to learn how to adjust your headrest is by lying on your table and playing with the adjustments yourself, so you can feel the differences.

The first adjustment is height. If the headrest is too high or low, it will put a strain on the neck and upper back. The headrest should be raised for thicker chested people and down for thinner.

The second adjustment is the angle. Everyone has a different idea of what’s comfortable, but you should start by matching a person’s natural curve, which means tilting the headrest down a little. You will notice most good headrests adjust height and angle with one lever, release the lever, find the most comfortable place, and then lock the lever in place.

Adjust the width of the headrest pad

The headrest pad is attached with Velcro so it can be adjusted to fit different sized faces. Make the pad wider for larger faces and narrower for thinner faces.


What’s the real difference between entry-level and professional?

The entry-level tables offer great value for money. They are affordable tables that are also sturdy and reliable. The major difference is simply that each of the materials used for the professional tables is of even higher quality, and is, therefore, stronger and more durable.

Which quality level should you choose?

It’s a comparable purchase to buying a sofa for your home. You can go with a cheap and cheerful one that will last a few years and then go out and buy a professional model later on, or you can invest in something really top-notch first day and use it for the rest of your life. Both will do the job; it’s simply up to you in terms of what you want for luxury and service.

Should you opt for wood or aluminum?

Over the last decade, we’ve seen that there is often a preference for the look of wood, but as the design of aluminum tables has modernized, the sleek and stylish look, as well as the reduced weight has made them a more appealing choice.

In the professional range, it’s not really important whether you opt for wood or aluminum. While an aluminum frame will be stronger than wood, you’ll never get to the upper limit of the working weight of a wooden table, so you have no risk of damaging the frame regardless.

The catch:

Professional level aluminum tables are built with aircraft-grade aluminum, while the entry-level tables are built with an aluminum composite and don’t have as high build quality. While they are still strong and sturdy, entry-level aluminum tables are not as strong as wooden entry-level tables.

What kind of massage accessories do I need after purchasing a massage table?

Accessory choices vary widely, but most practitioners prefer having a headrest base and cushion, as well as a carrying case for portable massage tables. To properly protect a massage table, moreover, massage sheets are essential, whether they’re disposable or fabric.

Other accessories can help with more specialized forms of treatment. For example, if you frequently treat pregnant clients, you could purchase a body support cushion. Bolsters are also especially useful for massage and more physically involved treatments, and can greatly boost clients’ comfort.

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