Best Portable Massage Table

It seems like you are on a mission to get the best massage table for your clients. Well, to be more precise it is the portable massage table what you are actually looking for. You should remember the most expensive models are not the ones end up to be on top of the list (although, sometimes it is).

If you are a professional massage therapist, you know the importance of a professional portable massage table. It provides you the flexibility and ease of delivering the massage therapies to your clients, especially when you provide mobile massage services. This is the reasons they are so popular compared to the stationary ones. But to choose the right one out of many it takes some factors to consider before making any buying decision for a massage table and it takes even more consideration in case of the portable ones. This review guide is intended to give you an insight to some of these factors while choosing the portable massage table and also recommend some of the best ones we have around. But before getting into the names we want to share with you how we really got those names.

We have talked with the massage therapists, sipped through countless online reviews, and also tested quite a few models to find out the important factors to determine which one is the best and why. Now we will be discussing the factors that led us to determine the best portable massage table.

Factors to consider for a portable massage table


Most massage tables are almost similar sizes as standard. The longest portable massage table on the market would be around 77-inches long and 28-inches wide. Tables of this size are not much available, however, the regular size of a massage table is 72 or 73 inches long and 27 or 28 inches wide. Obviously, the longer tables are the less convenient to transport and hurt the purpose of buying a portable one as it may be harder to fit into a vehicle or storage than the shorter ones as the standard number of fold for massage tables is 2 fold where the key accessories are detachable.

Height adjustability

This is one of the most important feature to look out in a portable massage table. You need to get one with the adjustable height because the user of the massage table could be any height. It is easy to adjust the height of the massage table as to save you from straining your back when performing any therapies or massages. If you are a professional therapist who massages for a living, then ensure the table to be comfortable as much as possible whilst working is important. However, not every table is a height adjustable massage table, and the fixed tables should be only bought if you want it for personal use and it suits your height. Generally, the adjustable folding massage table height varies between 24 to 36 inches. This is an adjustability of a foot, which is very much useful and ensures the fact that the folding massage tables have to be suitable for almost any user.


Weight is another important factor while choosing the best massage table. There are two weights related to the table that are important, one is the weight of the table and the other is the amount of weight that the massage table can withstand to. Most folding massage tables are capable of taking weights of over 400 lbs. This is supposed to be an adequate maximum threshold for most of the clients. If you want a table with more support weight then there are some more expensive models capable of taking weights of around 600 pounds. Regarding the weight of the tables themselves, they are designed to be as light as possible for the best possible portability. Being a lightweight portable massage table, they are still able to support a huge amount of weight. When folded the table comes with a case or the inbuilt handle to easily carry it and the weight that’s needed to be carried is between 45 and 50 pounds.

Wood or Aluminum

When you look around in the market for a portable massage table you will find the wooden folding massage tables are the most usual ones available. The other type massage table that is thought to be the stronger and premium are the aluminum made portable massage table. But this is not true and the wooden and aluminum tables can be equally good. Aluminum tables has one advantage over the wooden table that these tables offer better portability and also making the legs and frame with thinner aluminum is necessary to support enough weight. Wooden tables, on the other hand, have hardwood construction. The wood construction is also sturdy and durable that makes it last for as long as possible too. Because the top brands choose the best grade of wood for their construction, thus providing enough strength to support weights of over 400 lbs. Wood is not that heavy either and can be enough lightweight to make folding massage tables more portable.


The make the massage as comfortable as possible, all massage tables feature cushioning on the table surface. The thicker foam should feel to be softer and more comfortable. Most tables have a foam cushion that is nearly 2 inches thick, whilst some luxurious tables have cushioning that is 4 inches in thickness. The the foam quality is another important thing you should take care of. The best foam types to look out are the ones having small cells and are firm and dense. The softer the foam, the harder it is to keep its shape. For example, memory foam is a firm foam which can keeps its shape for a long time.


Another important factor regarding the comfort level and look of the table is the upholstery. Choosing a massage table with good upholstery is necessary for massage and therapies. The tables having leather upholstery provides the maximum finish and durability. The leather is a strong, natural and safe material that won’t cause the risk of allergic reactions for to the clients. The top folding massage tables comes with PU leather that which is fully waterproof and oil resistant. This also makes it easy to maintain table and clean it as much as possible for your convenience.

Cable system

The cable system is a very important aspect in a portable massage table. It helps the table to retain its strength during use. The folds create the portability but while it is erected, it needs a way to ensure that it stays supported and safe. For obvious reasons, the cables on folding massage tables have to be very strong. The weight capacity of the table is also important to check as the cables should be able to support the maximum amount. The cable system on a portable massage table is like the car brake system and also matches the strength with its respect.


Guarantee or warranty is something you always look while buying a product. This is the same case for the portable massage tables as well. They come with different levels of warranty and guarantee. Depending upon the manufacturer the warranty are usually covered for 1 year and as much as 3 years if the table is used according to warranty guidelines given in the manual. Some even have a lifetime warranty or money back guarantee. One important note is that the warranty is not supposed to cover the entire table for anything that does not go your way. The manufacturers usually offer the guarantee and warranty on particular parts, such as the quality of the wood, foam cushioning, the cable system, or the upholstery. These best portable massage table listed below come with differing warranties.

The Best Portable Massage Tables

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table Package Harmony DX

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If you want something great from a reliable name for your massage therapy profession, then we have this Massage Table Package for you from Earthlite. This has it all to make your client the happiest person after he finishes taking massage service from you. An eco-friendly design, exclusively made headrest with a face cradle cushion, wide platform, and nature soft fabric sets it up for a great massaging experience. For these great features and sturdy build, the clients generally love this one and recommend to the professionals. If you are looking for a recommendation, could anything be better?

Patented adjustable face cradle

The Earthlite massage table portable comes with a patented deluxe adjustable headrest that has a proprietary Cloudfill poly-gel blend face-cradle cushion for making things super comfortable and perfectly positioned for your client.

Foldable massage table with a durable casing

The Earthlite table is easy to fold and carry whenever the situation demands. You also have a rugged nylon carry case to get it folded inside with a weight around 34 lbs.

Comfort at its best

The full-size table dimension is 30” x 73”, which is big enough to accommodate client of all sizes. Hand padded with 2.5” cushioning having a soft dual density that you must admire. Along with the comfortable headrest and padded handle, the table has the nature-soft fabric that is soft yet durable and yields to the touch.

Squeak-Proof and extremely sturdy

It is constructed with some of the best materials and processes belonging to some of the best places all over the world like the high-quality hard maple parts of North America, precision milling in America, and aircraft grade plywood decking of Russia. Isn’t it sound amazing? The reinforced hardwood corner blocks have a superior strength to withstand up to 600lbs on this massage table.

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Features:  some truly professional ones

The Earthlite massage table is made to professional standards for years of professional use. The features are complemented to their professionalism such as the non-slip stable feet, the full-length piano hinge for strength, sure-grip knobs, and attractive outlets made of dual Maple, and the heavy-duty single pocket carry-case.

A brand you trusted and will

Founded in 1987, Earthlite is undeniably one of the largest and most trusted massage equipment suppliers in the world. With the reliability, they also come up with the Lifetime warranty on the construction and frame to make things more convincing for you. You can also have a 3-year warranty on the upholstery and foam as well.

Our Opinion

It is a pro level massage table that you can use for professional and home use alike. It is made to excellent quality that is perfectly suited to medical therapies or any other regular massaging service.One can set it up easily and store easily when not in use. The price may seem a little high but if you want something with a brand strength, rich in feature, and made to excellent quality then paying a little more should be justified.

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Coronado LX Master Catalina Massage Table Portable

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Wondering how to go about the Master Massage tables? To get you through some idea about this massage table let’s take you through one of the customer reviews from Amazon who says, “Love, love, love this table! My clients are comfortable and I can pack up and travel with it easily. Great investment.” This review should really help you understand how to go about this table.

The Coronado LX is also the Best Selling product which people like for being refined to heavy-duty use. It is a great table that provides some great advantages for its extra wide and portable design. Some of the amazing features described below will tell you how it is made to ensure the maximum comfort for the patients.  

Adjustable height, lightweight, great dimensions

You want a massage table with great dimension to make it comfortable for all size of your clients. A dimension of 30″ (L) x 72″ (W) x 24-34″ (adjustable height) is just the perfect one you could get. Another plus is the lightweight nature of the table that weighs only 35 lbs.

Features that make it extra durable

Durability is the key feature you want in your massage table portable. The Master Massage tables truly show the promise of being durable and also efficient with some incredible features such as the Exclusive Higher Density 3″ Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam, CFC-free technology, Oil & Waterproof nature, and PU Upholstery in Agate Blue with denim-like reinforcement.

Sturdy hard legs and the extra wide cushioned surface

The massage table comes with Northern Hardwood Legs that has a rich and hi-gloss Dura-Seal protected finish. The sturdiness would surely impress you so would the wide-shouldered “Big Top” Bed that provides 26% more cushioned surface for the superior comfort of the patient.

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Many more

It comes with some more standard features one of such is the 1500 lbs aircraft grade steel support cables for providing support maximum possible weight. Another great feature is the Ergonomic Dream Adjustable Face Cradle that includes a face pillow graciously layered with a foam, which is basically a pressure-point-relieving and heat-sensitive memory foam. When used together with the fully contoured position and adjustable arm shelf, the table can be customized for maximum comfort. You also get a free carrying case to let you carry it anywhere you want.

Used by a wide range of professionals

The Coronado LX is an ideal massage table for professionals belonging to different fields such as licensed massage therapists,  massage therapy students, tattoo artists, or anyone who wants to enjoy the ultimate benefits of massage!

Our Opinion

The client feedback is very good about this massage table. This is mostly praised for providing excellent comfort and also for the fact that it easy to assemble and disassemble. Regarding the price, it is on the expensive side. You may get some massage tables for a much less price with some similar features but not the same reliability that this massage table portable can give you.

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Artechworks Professional 2-Folding Lightweight Portable Massage Table

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You would rarely get a massage table as portable as the Artechworks Professional Table for your mobile massage service. You can even take it anywhere for your personal enjoyment as well. This one is lightweight yet sturdy and made of high-quality materials that ensure its durability. The other features seem to be very good for massage table standards. The clients’ feedback is also positive regarding both the quality and price.

Aluminum portable massage table

The portable massage table made with aluminum ensures strength, stability, and durability with its thoughtful engineering design. This type of construction also helps it to be lightweight for making it extremely portable compared to other massage tables of this category.

High-density padding

It comes with the precision-crafted hardwoods and also features a 2.56-Inch High-Density Foam Deck that provides luxury padding to ensure a great massaging experience.

Convenient tote

The massage table comes with a premium carry bag with shoulder strap that allows you to conveniently tote your massage table.

Other features

It does have some more features to complement its overall performance such as the rounded corners to save you from getting shoved. It also has  the PU deck that is waterproof and oil resistance and the durable stitching making things more convenient.

Our Opinion

This massage table provides a great value for the price. Some extra accessories like the side arm attachments are missing. However, the build quality and features like great cushioning and quick setup and fold up provision make it up for anything that is missed. One thing that you can use while setting it up is the rubber mat as the the aluminum legs are light and can slide on wooden floors.

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Uenjoy Folding Massage Table

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If you are looking for a massage table that does justice to its price and want something that you can use for lashes or wax or normal massage jobs, the Uenjoy massage table can really help you enjoy these services. With a decent price tag, this massage table has a lot more to offer you than you could expect. The sturdiness and durability are the priority factors in its build construction. This one is easy to install and suitable to use for most of the people. If you want something to enjoy a massage in your home or experiment with it being a therapy student than this one could be the perfect choice you can make. However, you may experience some little flaws that can be overlooked and well compensated by some great features.

More sturdy than you expect

The sturdiness is the first thing we should mention about this massage table this is something you may be confused about due to an inexpensive price. But to ensure its sturdiness we can say that this table comes with Reinforced Top grade Hardwood frame that has strong steel support cables. It can provide a maximum weight capacity of 496 lbs. This is fair enough and should be able withstand to the majority of people.

High-quality materials

The Uenjoy massage table is made with high-quality materials. It ensures top-grade durability & higher comfort level with the oil- and waterproof leather covering that is filled with high-density foam.

Easy installation

The massage table consists of a very professional and thoughtful design that is done in a way that you can easily install or remove its different components such as the detachable headrest, armrests, and arm-slings. It doesn’t require any tools for installation. you can just open and unfold it from the middle, then you will see the legs are automatically falling into place.

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Portable and adjustable

The table comes with a standard size dimension that is 84” × 23.6”including the headrest. The adjustable massage table height ranges from 24″ to 33″. This is a portable massage table bed that can be folded up and easily carried away. To make things more convenient it comes with a  carrying handle and a free carry case.

Our Opinion

If you are looking for a massage table for spa service, professional clinics or therapy center and you are on budget then this could be a great choice to consider. It should be enough comfortable and not create any major issue. Considering the price and the 1-year warranty service you think its worth of a deal for this inexpensive easy-to-setup table.

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Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table

If you want a massage table with a bundle of features then the Sierra comfort massage table is the one you have been looking for. This Amazon’s choice massage table seems to be a well-performed one that has been receiving some great feedback. The table measuring 72 x 28 x 33-inches (L x W x H) with adjustable legs is surely up for your clients of all sizes as the maximum weight capacity of the table is 450 lbs. Plus you have the armrest and headrest that makes things super comfortable for the person lying down on the bed. The table folds up easily and can be carried anywhere for a portable massage service. You can avail these features all at an amazing price. However, with such a price, you should expect that a few little things may not go your way. The 5-year warranty is a great option that will compensate for anything that does not go your way.

Why does it claim to be all-inclusive

There are fair reasons why Sierra massage table claims it to be an all-inclusive one. You will be amazed to see the bundle of features and accessories it comes along. To start with, we have the portable massage table built with high-quality hardwood construction made up of Beech timber. It includes a premium 2.5-inch high-density foam deck that make things comfortable for your client. The table also comes with features like an 82-inch wide removable facial cradle, armrest, arm support along with the coated tension wires, providing the leg supports for better durability and strength.

Loveable massage accessories

It also comes with some great accessories loved by the clients such as a set of fitted cotton sheets to protect the table, disposable face sheets, a semi-circle bolster for storing accessories, an oil storage pouch, a towel hanger, and a rugged carrying bag.


Durability cannot be a concern anymore as your table has a waterproof & oil-resistant PU leather, durable stitching, and hardwood construction. The height adjustable legs ranging from 23-inches to 33-inches provide you with some extra options.

Our Opinion

Overall, it’s a decent setup for a decent price. There are some good benefits that we mention earlier. But if quality is something you give most priority and not so many features,  then you probably have some better options as well. All in all, you get what you pay for and the value it provides is not bad at all either.

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Homgrace Portable Massage Table

A widely used massage table can be a great option if you are not sure about which one to buy. One such option is available from the professional massage table retailer named Homgrace, that is used in the salon, health club, beauty parlor, and home. Clients have been showing their satisfaction with this massage table as it has some amazing features that make things comfortable. Some points that we find amazing about this particular table are the portability, durability, comfortability, and adjustability. These will be discussed below to get you an insight into this incredible massage table.

Easily foldable and portable

The massage table is easy to fold and carry. It comes with a fold foam padding made of aluminum alloy frame which makes it lightweight for easier transportation.

Efficient storage and carrying

The massage table can be folded in a way that it can be used as a carry case itself. Being folded it does not even take up much storage space when you are not using it. So having this one will not trouble you at all regarding portability and storage.

Maximum comfort ensured

The high-density foam of the massage table ensures maximum comfort. Adding to that is the side armrest that allows the client to be lied down to different positions and experience amazing massaging and therapies.

Adjustable backrest – a great option

Also, the adjustable backrest is a great option that helps clients to be put into a sitting position for different salon treatments, physiotherapies, or anterior leg & arm treatments.

High-quality materials

The folding massage table made of materials like the aluminum alloy, 4 cm high-density cushion made with waterproof PVC leather, and nylon headrest frame that greatly enhances the sturdiness and durability of the table. It is a lightweight table yet strong enough to hold 600 lbs working weight.

Our Opinion

This is an excellent table to start with, especially for the massage therapy students or beginner fitness professionals. The build quality and features should be great to provide amazing massage experience to the clients. In the main, we would say this table is intended for a profession that gives the highest priority to comfort, and this table is surely comfortable.

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Imperial Monarch Ivory White 3-Section Portable Massage Table

Do you look for a massage table that is ultra large and made to professional standards? And also high quality, sturdy, and robust? Then without looking further, just tune into the Monarch portable massage table by Massage Imperial which has a fantastic and build quality along with amazing features. And this is also claimed to be the largest amazon massage table.

How large is it

The extra long table is 77” long without the headrest and 28” wide without the sidearms and the adjustable massage table height ranges from 24” to 33”. This kind of size dimension makes it worthy if you tend to get clients with massive sizes.

Massive weight capacity

The table is not heavy with a 34 lbs weight excluding the accessories but is certainly capable of withstanding up to a massive 600 lbs working weight or 42 stones.

Premium features

This massage table also includes some premium features such as a special designed adjustable backrest that offers 10 different adjustable positions for better comfort. And also the Reiki end plates are essential for the comfort of your client. This helps to fit the legs under the table while doing more sitting works.

Great build

The table is strongly built with the German Beech that is covered with the fine quality soft PU leather made to water & oil resistance. The table consists of a luxurious high-density foam with a thickness of 3.5” which should be more than enough.

Wonderful range of accessories

Along with such great features, this table also comes with a wonderful range of accessories such as the adjustable/removable deluxe face cradle, 2 side arm supports, front armrest, Carry case, and facehole plug

Our Opinion

This table has a sturdy structure, large size, and a massive working weight capacity. So you know why should you actually choose it. Besides some amazing features like Reiki and plates make it absolutely worth it. You do have some really good reasons to buy it.

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Safeplus 3-Section Professional Portable Massage Table Bed

Looking to start your massage therapy service? Whether you are a professional or a therapy student, we have this 3 section massage table that has quality construction and a bundle of features for you to get started with a massage table. It is a very easy-to-set-up table that is surprisingly sturdy. It offers some great features providing relief from pain and tension through amazing treatments and therapies. We will be discussing some of its features in details such as the durability, quality, ease of use, and other regular features along with the included accessories it comes along.

Durable construction

This massage table consists of a high-quality build construction that is reinforced with sturdy steel support cables. It can hold a max weight up to 550 lbs. You can be relaxed of the sturdiness while enjoying your therapies on this steel constructed table. It is an ideal massage table for professional therapists and home users alike.

Great features

The material of the PU leather is made of high-quality standards thus it is waterproof, oil resistant, and also very easy to clean. It also comes with the comfortable and easy-to-adjust padding made from high-density sponges. The adjustable face-cradle and high-density foam armrest is a great plus to its comfort level.


This is a massage table that is easy to assemble, use, and even carry away by folding it up. Due to this foldability, it makes the storage and transportation a lot easier.

Included accessories

This massage table includes accessories such as the adjustable plastic headrests, hanging plates, armrests, and face plugs.

Warranty & customer support

The manufacturers give the most priority to customer satisfaction. As a result, they have the 90-day money back guarantee and also a 12-month product warranty. Additionally, you have the 24-hour customer service response time & technical support.

Comfortable setup

The massage table is precision-crafted with enduring aluminum and the table’s height allow 7-level adjustment for a diverse option for your service. The face cradle could also be adjusted freely for catering the service to different people. The removable side armrests allow the therapist to cater for larger clients and with the adjustable headrest allows the client to be put in different positions

Our Opinion

We think this portable massage table is one of the most fully featured, economical massage table packages. This one is ideal for therapy students, professional therapists, and home users alike. If you belong to any of these categories who are looking for a good massage table then you should not hesitate to buy it!

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Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table

Saloniture is the preferred choice by industry professionals as they concentrate on creating the highest quality massage table and accessories. The table comes with a professional-grade craftsmanship that includes a strong hardwood frame alongside the double tension knobs on each leg that provide extra stability. Other great features combine a great value and performance with this portable all-inclusive package of the folding massage table. It provides luxurious comfort in a convenient fold-and-carry design that is ideal for the certified massage therapists and also at-home bodywork enthusiasts. We have talked more about this massage table in the below sections.

Size dimensions

The overall dimensions of the folded table are 36″ x 7.25″ x 28″ (L x W x H). The standing table is 84″ long with headrest and 37″ wide with armrests. The adjustable height ranges from 24.5″ to 34.5″. The size of the face cradle on top of the table is 6.5″ long x 4.5″ wide and it is also removable for a quicker setup on the go.

Support cables

It comes with high-quality support cables that are composed of the same steel used in automotive brake construction, providing excellent support to hold weight.

Included accessories

The Saloniture complete massaging solution includes some important accessories needed in massaging service. Some of those accessories are such as a professional grade massage table, adjustable headrest, armrests, a carry-case with pockets made of heavy-duty nylon.

Premium comfort

The table features deluxe cushioning for providing extreme comfort for your clients. The armrest wings and the tabletop both are composed of a plush which is 2″ thick high-density foam. The face pillow of the table contains a 3″ foam with a removable cover.

Strong and sturdy support

It is a precision crafted massage table made of premium-grade materials. This professional massage table is strong and sturdy due to the hardwood frame and durable steel support cables. With such design, it can accommodate a max weight capacity of up to 450 lbs. The adjustable headrest is also strongly built with a premium composite support that is resistant to warping and bending. The table legs are non-slip and include non-marring feet that prevent sliding during the massage therapy and also provide floor protection.

Convenient & portable

The table is lightweight yet sturdy that is streamlined in fold-and-carry design. With a weight of 27 lbs, it is still able to accommodate all required accessories to be stored inside the table if needed. It can be locked securely with two professional chrome clasps and also features double handles for carrying it with ease. It comes with a durable nylon carrying case that includes an adjustable shoulder strap and side pocket for holding supplies and oils.

A high-quality synthetic material – Oil & Waterproof

The whole table cover is wrapped in a deluxe PU synthetic leather which is a soft, highly durable, and vegan-friendly material that is easy to clean and that also smells good, unlike the other synthetic materials. It is oil and water-proof that resist stains.

Detachable accessories

It provides a great level of customization with the detachable accessories to meet different customer requirements. The detachable accessories are the arm sling under the headrest and also the winged armrests that allow comfortable repositioning as needed.

Our Opinion

The table is well-reviewed for providing luxurious comfort for the client. Considering the features and price, you would surely believe that it provides a great value for the price and purchasing this table would be a rather wise decision.

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This article featuring the top 9 portable massage table reviews and buyers’ guide, should be pretty much helpful for choosing the best portable massage table for your needs. All of these massage tables possess great quality, however, you can decide on one that suits your needs based on the distinct features. If you maintain the correct care for the folding massage table, it should last for a long time. The hardwood and aluminum construction both are good in their own regards and you can choose any one of them you like. The foam cushioning, PU leather upholstery, and the best warranty are the few things that should be reminded again before you choose to buy a portable massage table from the list. We hope this article has been a helpful one for you to release your tension while choosing the best portable massage table.