The 5 Best Paint Remover for Wood Furniture

paint remover for wood

If you’re up for a DIY project with your wood furniture, you must be looking to prepare it perfectly. Consequently, you need to paint it or take preps before that. Paint removal for such projects is a part of that prep. It also decides your surface condition to get the perfect finish on your furniture. The primary weapon you need for this mission is a good paint remover for wood surface.

Now you might be thinking how do you find a good paint stripper. Well, most stripping products can seem to be working alright on your finish, however, two factors can help you choose the best one out there – speed and safety. It must be safe for your overall health, especially, eye and skin. At the same time, it also has to be eco-friendly and odorless or having a nice odor. And it also should work quickly and effectively to remove the paint from your wood furniture to get the preps done.

In this review guide, we are going to put forward the top 5 of the paint removers for wood who meet all the requirements you can ask for. But before moving to the main review section, how about looking at some FAQs on this subject? It should be handy as it will give you more ideas to make the most out of it. So you’d be able to explore more with your crafts and decors by using the paint remover more wisely.

FAQs on Paint Remover

How to paint furniture without sanding?
There are 5 ways you can paint furniture without sanding. The first one is the most popular method of paint almost anything without sanding, and that is using the Chalk Style Paint. It’s because this paint promises no prep yet provides an amazing matte finish.

The second option is to use is the Mineral Paint, as this is a stainproof and waterproof one and you don’t need any sanding before that.

Next up is, using the Milk Paint and Bonding Agent combined. If you use them together the bonding agent will work like a primer helping your milk paint to adhere to the surface.

To avoid sanding, you can also use a bonding primer that eliminated the need for sanding. But make sure you are using a good quality primer as they’ve excellent binding power to keep the paint adhering to the surface.

We have the last option that is little known but equally effective one for avoiding sanding furniture before painting. It’s the liquid sander or deglosser that can help you paint your furniture without sanding. It creates a chemical reaction when applied to the surface that grips onto the paint applied to it.

Besides using these 5 methods there are a few tips regarding adhesion techniques that can help you avoid sanding for painting your furniture. Some of which are: cleaning the surface with degreaser or TSP, making the surface slick or glossy, apply paint in light even coatings, and so on.

How to paint laminate furniture?
To paint laminate furniture, you need to follow a few simple steps. At first, you need to take the prep by cleaning the furniture nicely. It means you need to take the dirt, grime, or any other glossy stuff off to make it ready to adhere to the paint better. There are some cleaners out there to help you do that.

After that, you need to prime the furniture. You can use a good quality primer to do that. Coat the surface twice with the primer and allow some time to cure completely in between coats. You can also sand-in the surface between coats for maximum adhesion.

While you are getting the primer to dry, you can prepare the hardware. Clean it well and allow it to dry. You can also scuff it if you want. Once done, spray a polyacrylic or clear lacquer to protect your paint. This will help you avoid any cracks or scratches.

Finally, you can paint the furniture with a good spray gun. Do it carefully by following the instructions and that should be it to see your favorite furniture in your favorite color.

What is the best paint for furniture?
It’s difficult to pick only one as the best paint for furniture. There are some good options available out there on Amazon. The top 5 picks for us would be:

  • Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint – This is chalk furniture and cabinet paint that is safely made with eco-friendly materials. It is also non-toxic and provides superior coverage. This Amazon’s Choice is a chalk finish point you are surely going to love.
  • Coconix Floor and Furniture Repair Kit – It’s more than just paint for your furniture. It can repair and transform any wooden furniture into a brand new looking one. This also an Amazon’s Choice that has proven track records for superior results.
  • Jolie Finishing Wax – This another top-rated chalk finish paint that can be used on all interior furniture, cabinets, home decors, walls, or accessories. It comes with an odorless, safe formal and you can expect an amazingly durable matte texture.
  • Country Chic paint- Chalk Style Paint – This paint is specifically formulated for furniture and home decor. With this paint, you don’t need wax and it includes everything in one. Its eco-friendly, safe and you can expect a beautiful chalky finish with it.
  • Herloom Traditions Paint – This is another no wax, chalk-style paint. It is all-in-one paint for furniture that has a built-in primer, wax, and topcoat in it. Works safely and effectively for all interior and exterior use and is available in different European inspired colors.

What is the best sealer for painted furniture?

Instead of taking just one name, we’d like to mention a few of the best sealer for painted furniture on Amazon you can choose from.

What is the best gold paint for furniture?

There is some good gold paint for furniture that DIY enthusiasts would love to have. You can check out a few names below to come up with the best one suited to your needs.

  • Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Craft Gold – This is metallic craft paint that has highly pigmented color with superior coverage. It works on multiple surfaces including wood furniture. It can paint the furniture with different family-friend colors with some specialty finishes.
  • DecoArt Dazzling Metallics 2-Ounce Emperor’s Gold Acrylic Paint – If it’s about adding a dazzling metallic accent to your furniture to have in the box. This water-based acrylic paint includes dazzling metallic flakes and is a premium gold metallic paint that adds the elegant shimmer to the furniture and projects.
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Liquid Gilding.75 oz: The liquid gliding gold from Martha Stewart can add a shimmering highlight or complete finish to the surface of any furniture. It will create an amazing metallic luster to make everyone nothing but to love it.
  • Sharpie Metallic Permanent MarkersThis Amazon’s Choice can give a gorgeous sheen on the furniture to make it look stand out on light or dark surfaces. It includes a permanent ink that is quick-drying and creates an ever-lasting effect. The pure metallic finish is what one gets with it and desire for their furniture.
  • FolkArt Metallic Acrylic Paint in Assorted ColorsAnyone looking to do some decorative painting on the furniture, this metallic acrylic paint should be up there on your preference list. It can bring some of the most amazing specialty finishes on the furniture paint.

Reviews on 5 Best Paint Remover for Wood Furniture

Dumond Chemicals, Inc. 3301 Smart Strip Advanced Paint Remover, 1 Gallon, White by Dumond Chemicals

Dumond chemicals smart strip paint remover for wood

While searching for the best paint remover for wood furniture, the brand that will strike your mind for sure is the Dumond Chemicals. It provides architectural, industrial, and marine solutions. These solutions work great in different areas including the pain removal for wood furniture. We’ll be discussing more of the Dumond Chemicals to only realize how great this can be as a paint stripper.

Reliable Brand

Dumond has been there in the market for more than 36 years with many happy customers across the globe. One of the popular applications their chemical is used for includes the paint or coating removal. And they do leave a mark in this field with their safe and effective chemical formula.

Safe For All

You always look for a paint removing agent that is not only effective but also safe. This Smart Strip Advanced Paint Removal System here is an eco-friendly one that is 100% bio-degradable. It’s also free from harmful or toxic chemicals like methylene chloride or any other caustics. Also, it’s odor-free making it even more convenient. So great for the users and the environment equally, and not compromising the effectiveness at all.

Dumond chemicals smart strip paint remover

Effective Formula

Removing paint from wood furniture will probably be the simplest task for it to accomplish. This water-based paint remover is well capable of removing even the multiple layers of industrial and architectural coatings regardless of the surface type, whether exterior or interior. It does a great job to remove the lead-based paint on the carved, intricate, or any molded surfaces.

Convenient Application

This Dumond Smart Strip Advanced Paint Remover is just a paste that is a joy to apply. You only need a roller, brush, or airless sprayer to apply it on the surface from which you want to remove the paint.

Versatile Application Areas

It’s a smart thing to have a paint remover that works great on different kinds of surfaces. Apart from effectively removing the paint from the wood surfaces, it also does a great job with the surfaces like metal, brick, stone, concrete, plaster, plastic, and most fiberglass.


What Customers Say

We’ve recorded some exceptional customer responses to the Dumond Smart Strip Advanced Paint Remover when it’s particularly applied to the wooden surfaces. People do find it a good value product, that is both safe and effective at the same time.

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Sunnyside Back to Nature Multi-Strip Professional Paint & Varnish Remover, Gallon, 657G1

sunnyside multi strip paint remover for wood

Sunnyside’s Back to Nature Multi-Strip Professional Paint Remover makes a great addition to our list of best paint remover for wood furniture. This is a professional paint remover that’s been always on our radar for its well-reckoned performance as a paint removing agent. We’ll discuss more of its features here.

Super Effective

It doesn’t matter what layer of coating you have on your furniture. To get it removed all you need is to have the Back to Nature Multi-Strip Professional Paint Remover. It covers a wide range of coatings in its application including the paint, lacquer, varnish, stain, and urethane. You can also use it effectively even for the tougher coatings like two-part epoxy and urethanes. It’s well capable of pulling them out up to 15 layers. And it works on all vertical and horizontal surfaces alike. This paint remover can cover 60-100 square feet of surface area per gallon.

Wider Application

The Back To Nature Multi-Strip Professional Paint Remover is also safe to be used on the different interior and exterior surfaces apart from the wooden one. You can use them on concrete, plaster, marble, brick, metal, stone, and masonry to remove any paint or coating effectively. Except for the surfaces like plastic, linoleum, rubber, and sheetrock.

sunnyside multi strip paint remover

Safe Formula

Multi-Stip paint remover includes a non-flammable, biodegradable formula. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals like methylene chloride or any acoustics. So you can say it’s a pretty safe one and is odor-free for more convenient application.

Convenient to Use

This pain remover comes with the convenience of the application. You can simply apply it with a roller, brush, or any airless paint sprayer. Water clean-up also adds to the overall convenience.

Experienced Manufacturer

Sunnyside is another reliable brand when it comes to great paint removers. It’s been there for more than 125 years serving with a wide range of product lines that include safer paint removers, paint solvents, paint additives, cleaners, and so on. So you can have their paint remover to be used on your expensive furniture with confidence.


What Customers Say

You would come across a big number of positive reviews on Amazon. As people are happy with the SunnySide Multi-Strip stripper for their wood furniture. And you should find it the way it’s advertised.

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Citristrip QCSG801 Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel

citistrip paint remover for wood

The next paint remover for wood furniture up here is the Citristrip QCSG801 Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel. If you are serious with the odor of your paint removing agent, this Amazon’s Choice is a magical option that has to be your go-to. Nonetheless, you must be interested in checking out its features here.

Powerful Remover

The Citristrip Gel is a powerful paint remover that can eliminate even the industrial level strength. So you can expect it to perform great on your wood furniture. It can strip multiple layers in a single application. And that too without using any strong chemicals, strips only what you want to strip off.

Safe Formula w/ Citrus Scent

This stripping gel doesn’t contain any methylene chloride or NMP and is also non-caustic. And the unique thing about this pain remover is that it leaves the Citrus Scent on the surface making it a joy to use.

citistrip paint remover

Ideal Applications

This gel formula has an active application for up to 24 hours on different kinds of surfaces such as wood, metal, & masonry. This all-purpose stripping gel works great to remove multiple layers of latex and oil-based paint, enamel, varnish, lacquer, polyurethane, acrylics, shellac, and epoxy. So there’s hardly any coating that you can miss. You can check out more Citistrip here.


What Customers Say

Some good reasons make it the Amazon’s Choice paint remover for wood furniture or alike surfaces. People find this stuff incredible because of its mild nature, citric scent, versatile and effective application. You just need to try it once to understand why people like it so much.

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Dumond Chemicals, Inc. 1160N Peel Away 1 Heavy-Duty Paint Remover, 1 1/4 Gallon Kit

dumond peel away paint remover for wood

The Heavy Duty Paint Remover from the prominent brand Dumond Chemicals is another option worth considering as a paint remover for wood furniture. Let’s check out some of its features and see if it can meet your requirements.

Great Capacity & Coverage

Each unit of the Dumond paint remover comes in a net weight of 1.25 Gallons or 160 oz. The coverage of this kit can remove coating for 20-25 sq. ft approx. So it should efficient enough with superior coverage for your wood furniture.

Safe Making

This Heavy Duty Paint Remover here is made environmentally safe. And it’s completely biodegradable. Moreover, this agent is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, and zero-VOC. It doesn’t include methylene chloride or any other flammable solvents. This eco-friendly, Heavy Duty Paint Remover has no hazardous fume or odor. And that makes you rely on it for utmost convenience to use.

dumond peel away paint remover application

Efficient & Effective

This Paint Stripping System can remove more than 30 paint coatings with a single application. It’s not only effectively removes paint on your wood surfaces but also from other surfaces like concrete, brick, stone, cast iron, stucco, plaster, fiberglass, steel, and more.

It also controls lead remediation projects and lead-dust diffusion on historic restoration. And that allows safe removal of lead-based paint.

But it’s not applicable for surfaces like veneer, drywall, plywood, sandstone, brownstone, rubber, etc. And also not applicable to remove urethanes, epoxies, cementitious paints, and other high-performance coatings.

Kit Includes

This paint removing kit comes with all the tools you need for convenient and effective paint removal. It includes paste remover, laminated paper, Citri-Lize neutralizer, application tool; you get all these items inside the pail.


What Customers Say

Customers find it a decent product on average. Where many find it effective enough for removing the pain of the wood surface, some still prefer to go for another option. But what we take out from the reviews is, it works decent enough to remove coating if applied properly. We can quote a customer review for this stripper on Amazon that is “Awesome if you do it right.” And this exactly what we feel about.

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Max Strip Paint & Varnish Stripper 1 Gallon

max strip paint remover for wood

It’s time to check out the MAX Strip paint stripper on the list. It’s the Max Strip Paint & Varnish Stripper 1 Gallon that is particularly designed to remove paint and varnish coatings. So you should find it very effective for paint removal from your wood furniture. Let’s have a look at more of its features below.

Designed for Pain & Varnish Removal

When you are looking for a paint remover for wood furniture, your search becomes easier with a specifically designed one. The Max Stripper here is one such product you’d love to have for stripping out paint from different surfaces including wood.

Gentle & Effective

It’s a gentle paint removing agent on most substrates. It softens the paint coating to remove easily and also works effectively to remove paints from woods without harming your furniture.

max strip paint remover

Safe Removal

This stripper comes with a patented wet work system and is up for the toughest stripping tasks out there. It also ensures safe dust-free paint removal. In its safe formula, there’s no use of methylene chloride or NMP and is skin-friendly. It doesn’t have any toxic fumes and requires no additional ventilation for using safely in the indoor applications.

Areas of Application

The Max Strip Paint & Varnish Stripper can remove paint and varnish from a wide range of material surfaces. Apart from wood, some of these include laminate, glass, metal, fiberglass, porcelain, brick, ceramic, marble, granite, plastic, stone, upholstery, tile, carpet, and so on. However, they do not apply to factories or automotive finished paints.

What Customers Say

Customers seem to be using it for their home or professional use. For most, it has turned out to be a perfect paint remover, especially, for wood furniture. However, it’s important to apply it correctly, otherwise, you might not get the expected performance. So make sure to go through the instruction manual before applying it.

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It brings us to the end of our discussion. What we’ve seen so far is a brief and concise guide that can help a DIY decorator to find the best paint remover for wood surfaces, especially wood furniture. We’ve seen the strippers that are effective as well as safe at removing paint from wood and alike surfaces. The safety factor has been one of our top priorities and the list has been rounded up accordingly.

If we are to pick one best paint remover for wood, that would be Citristrip QCSG801 Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel. And there are some good reasons for that, especially when you consider its mild formula that is safe and does the job effectively with an amazing citrus scent. However, the other options on the list also have the potential to be in your consideration. We hope you have enough information to make the right choice for removing paint from wood furniture and craft it in the best way possible.

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