Best Full Body Pillows Review 2020

Body pillows are mostly purchased for expectant women to help them rest comfortably in pregnancy. The J, C, U, and full-length shapes can help obtain cozy side resting positions. There are numerous sleeping positions both women (and men!) can try- hugging a long side, lying cradled in its interior, with knees holding the pillow leg to relieve painful lower-back strain.

These types of ‘hug’ pillows would be the #1 choice when pregnant women are hoping to avoid sleeping on her back, once they believe it helps boost blood flow to the womb. Body pillows might also potentially help reduce snoring, ‘restless’ sleeping, acid reflux disorder, plus reduce back, hip, and neck pain by re-aligning the sleep posture for more hygienic night’s rest.

There are several different shape possibilities- essentially they differ by the amount of an enclosure is produced through the pillow-varying from totally straight (full-length) to almost completely enclosed (C-shaped and U-shaped).

Types of Body Pillows

J-shaped body pillows are curved at just finish and tend to be regarded as the minimal supportive choice for women that are pregnant. They offer extra space somewhere compared to C or U-formed options but under the entire-length hugger pillow.

C-shaped body pillows​ are generally the cheapest-priced option. These full pillows support mind and shoulders probably the most towards the top of its C-shape, with ‘long ends’ which help offer the legs at the end from the C and space for that pregnant belly within the opening.

U-shaped body pillows ​give a cradled nest to relax in, supporting both back and belly concurrently. Many believe it’s the best choice for women that are pregnant since it offers support towards the back and also the belly simultaneously. It enables women to rest on each side while her mind is supported, which also aids in heartburn.

Full-length body pillows​ provide complete body support from sleeper’s foot towards the mind. You’ll locate them between 5 to 6 ft long. Most generally, you can wrap it around the body for optimum comfort.


Best Body Pillows For 2020

The C-Shaped Body & Maternity Pillow

This C-shaped contoured maternity pillow

includes a zippered, removable pillowcase and is made to help alleviate discomfort associated with sciatic, back discomfort, acid reflux in addition to carpal tunnel. It’s especially well suited for women that are pregnant who frequently find it hard to choose a comfortable sleeping position due to its unique shape, with the ability to sport the belly and also the back concurrently.

The 2 contour legs will let the user easily sleep on either they’re left or right side, using the contours helping to stick to the natural shape of the body. It is also placed involving the legs, accustomed to enhance the position of the mind, which helps to align your sides, which regularly reduces discomfort people experience on the bottom.

The Moonlight Slumber Total Body Support Pillow

The Moonlight Slumber Total Body Support Pillow is a U-formed design intended that will help you extend while concurrently supporting each side of the body. It is stuffed with an exclusive fiber known as Fusion Foss the manufacturers claim enable it to higher circulate air and turn into permanently fluffy and soft. This can be a little bit more costly pillow, however, many users comment it enables them to, especially when they didn’t side sleepers already, to rest on their side when they’re pregnant.

During pregnancy when women sleep, doctors frequently advise that they’ll lie midway on their own back, as lengthy because they have pillows they have them propped up in a position. This specific pillow enables its users to put on their sides and also have the pillow cradle them around the front of the physiques, whilst enabling these to lean back to it, maintaining a secure sleeping position. Individuals that are afflicted by chronic discomfort, comment on the pillow’s capability to offer the back and sides assistance to ease muscle tension associated with fibromyalgia.

The Leacho Snoogle Body Pillow

The Leacho Snoogle Body Pillow was created thinking on baby and mother’s comfort. It’s engineered to supply back and stomach support for women that are pregnant whilst assisting to relieve chronic discomfort signs and symptoms from disorders like joint disease, neck and back discomfort, and fibromyalgia.

Made to switch the multiple pillows people use to locate a comfortable sleeping position, your body pillow is engineered to stick to the natural shape and contour of the body. Quite a few users comment their pregnant spouses are now able to sleep soundly, adding greatly to marital harmony.


Husbands describe going to sleep using their pregnant spouses who only sleep fitfully, constantly waking them up simply because they can’t find their very own comfortable sleeping position. A fascinating and under-reported advantage of these pillows is the fact that as pregnant women’s physiques change with time, these pillows can handle adjusting to their altering shape. Many people declare that taking out the situation from the pillow could be aggravating, but this is the only real significant drawback that you’ve seen using this model, along with the others we have reviewed above.


Body Pillow Benefits

They offer complete full-body support while you are sleeping. Because of their extraordinary length, the pillow provides full-body support and also encourages you to find the best and most comfortable sleeping position.

They provide complete full-body support as you sleep. Due to their remarkable length, the pillow provides full support as well as encourages you to get the best and much comfortable sleeping position. Once the pillow is placed between your knees it can help to align the spine which is frequently an excellent relief for individuals who are suffering from sciatica or disc herniation.

Body pillows also promote muscle relaxation. Whenever the spine is properly aligned as well as your leg and arm weight is every bit divided, the body breathes better as well as your bloodstream circulation is enhanced, allowing you to relax through the entire night.

Pregnancy discomfort, particularly when it afflicts your back, can truly disrupt a night of proper sleep. An appearance pillow will help reduce pregnancy-related back discomfort, helping you to get more sleep easily while supporting the rear and belly simultaneously.

What To Know Before Purchasing A Body Pillow

Before deciding on the particular body pillow, make certain to think about its size, its shape along with the materials it’s produced from.

Many body pillows come with an over-sized ‘U’ shape, but others possess a ‘J’ shape that resembles a chocolate cane which you may put on a Christmas tree, while some convey more of the rectangular for them.

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What Are Buyers Saying?

The J-Shaped Maternity Pillow

The very first contoured body pregnancy pillow we examined was the J-formed option by Web Linens-it’s available in white-colored ivory burgundy and grey. It’s designed to relieve the carpal tunnel symptoms, acid reflux, sciatica, nasal congestion, all while supporting the stomach and back.

As well, it’s marketed towards expectant moms- as this J-formed pillow helps you to cushion and offer the back, easily tucking between your legs, it’s a comfortable method for women that are pregnant to rest while cradling their bellies.

This can be a Chinese-designed pillow, with one reviewer who enjoys sleeping with 3 or more pillows for his ankles, knees, and mind choosing to consolidate by buying this huge and distinctively formed option.

He told us it replaces all of the pillows he was using before, stating that it does not occupy just as much space, and also the removable zip off washable cover makes it simple to add in the washer if needed.

Another reviewer told us he was amazed at just how comfortable it is by using this J-formed body pillow to rest on his back, both his left and right sides, all as the pillow stays in position without moving.

Another reviewer told us they bought it to keep them from moving onto their back and sleeping during the night- it was essential for this pregnant lady simply because they thought that resting on the rear deprives the in utero child of bloodstream flow. It conveniently fits her king-size bed, using the only downside because it prevents cuddling together with your partner.

The Full-Length Body Pregnancy Pillow

The 2nd oversized lower body pillow we examined can also be made by Web Linens- it’s the oversized maternity pillow. This isn’t a curved hug pillow- rather, it’s fully straight, a very lengthy body pillow.

Reviewers state that a great body pillow for tall people, with one buyer who stands over 6 feet 3 sayings that it’s a great fit for him.

Regrettably, reviewers have given some mixed feedback, with one buyer telling us it caused her headaches, which she blames on the truth that it does not completely comply with her body.

It’s rather too crunchy and solid to feel at ease sleeping with. However, many people are pleased by using it, stating that at 90 inches lengthy it is good for tall those who such as the springy filling material, which is not exactly soft and does not contain the form over its 30-inch circumference.

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The U-Shaped Full Body Pillows For Pregnancy

The 3rd body support pillow we examined may be the Moonlight Slumber option- it’s a U-formed pillow, created for sleepers to easily extend while supporting each side from the body.

One benefit, the organization states, is it effectively cradles your body during rest, which lessens the incidence of turning and tossing, helping to maintain your sides, shoulders, neck and back easily aligned for an entire night’s rest. Additionally, it’s full of what’s known as a Fusion Fiber- the makers think of it as a hypoallergenic fluffy and soft polyester polymer that’s clump and lump resistant.

Unlike a few of the other available choices we examined, this 10-pound pillow is created in the united states. When it comes to washing from the pillow, you need to launder it inside a front-loading washer- and you ought to include a tennis ball in it throughout the dry cycle so the pillow fluffs up.

full body pregnancy pillow
full body pillow u shaped

One buyer bought it while he is overweight and informs us that being an obese individual it enables him to put on his back together with his hands tucked beneath his knees- an appropriate sleeping position for him thinking about his large size. While incredibly comfortable, around the downside as it is so large it’s tough to keep, and if you want to create sleep up neat each morning, this extra-large U-formed body pillow is difficult to cover.

Another buyer bought it to assist him together with his acid reflux and snoring issues. Due to several shoulder injuries he’d grown familiar with resting on his back which exacerbated the acid reflux and also the snoring- with this particular full huger pillow he’s now in a position to easily sleep on either his left or right side, decreasing his acid reflux and snoring.

While costly, many people who required the plunge and bought it told us that they’re pleased with it. Body hip discomfort sufferer states it’s been a good way of reducing the chronic discomfort in her sides that they have attempted.

The C-Shaped Body Hugger Pillow

The 4th option we examined was the C-formed contoured maternity pillow- it’s available in white-colored, ivory, burgundy, chocolate, and grey. It’s marketed towards expectant moms who have a hard time locating a comfortable resting position- the 2 contoured legs assist them to sleep on either their sides or their back.

The curved shape helps you to relieve the pressure of the pregnant stomach. Too, the makers say that you could tuck your body pillow involving the knees, helping it to properly align your sides and also to easily raise your mind.

One buyer endorsed it as being an anti-snore pillow because most snoring occurs when you’re sleeping lying on your back if you’re hugging this pillow. Even if you’re somewhat folded over perfectly into a prone sleeping position, you will be in a diagonal, that will lessen the incidence of snoring, some buyers say.

One husband acquired it for his pregnant wife- she informs us it has reduced her leg and back discomfort considerably since she started sleeping by using it. Some buyers describe feeling like inside a comfortable nest.

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The Snoogle Body Hugger Pillow

The last full body pillow we examined was made by Leacho. It’s available in ivory, sage, grey, brown, khaki and mauve colors. It’s marketed towards somebody that has a lot of pillows cluttering their beds and wishes to consolidate them into a single and dynamic choice to support their stomach, neck, back, and sides.

Too it is also marketed towards pregnant moms, supplying them the stomach support they require throughout their pregnancies. Indeed, another market the Snoogle targets are people struggling with chronic discomfort disorders affecting the hip, unhealthy, the neck, in addition to individuals coping with joint disease and fibromyalgia.

Some clients who bought it told us it has improved the caliber of their sleep that has consequently enhanced their mood throughout the day- no more will they feel as depressed or irritable because of they accustomed to. Another interesting experience we learned about was that those who are restless sleepers, their partners have taken advantage of their utilization of these body-conforming pillows.

They are the breakwater- a padded damn between your couples that can help divide them and let both to obtain a better night’s best body clutching the pillow, as the other able to escape getting kicked or kneed at night.

Other reviewers describe it as being an enormous pillow- ideal for pregnant spouses who’re going to sleep on their sides throughout their pregnancy (they mentioned it full-body pillows for side sleepers). Many husbands band together describing how happy and satisfied they are pregnant spouses are utilizing this pillow- it offers them a much better sleep quality, causing them to be and therefore their husbands happier within their marriage.

Final Thoughts

Body pillows are frequently overlooked as sleeping aids, but they may be truly good at reducing back discomfort and you when you obtain a complete night’s rest. Specifically, if you are attempting to sleep in your corner, a complete body pillow can help you to acquire a much more comfortable position. Their design is engineered to naturally comply with your body’s shape and size, aligning the spine and promoting the healthiest sleeping posture for you.

Body pillows are famous for supplying complete body support, specifically for side sleepers. They can be big enough to support the entire-entire body. Or at best from a person’s mind to a person’s knees. They allow you to possess a spot to rest your legs, arms, and mind easily. They are doing come in several various sizes, so you’ll certainly have ample selection to complement how you love to sleep. These body pillows are particularly well-liked by women that are pregnant who locate them especially accommodating.

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