Artechworks Professional 2 – Folding Lightweight Portable Massage Table

Lightweight Portable Massage Table

You would rarely get a massage table as portable as the Artechworks Professional Table for your mobile massage service. You can even take it anywhere for your enjoyment as well. This one is lightweight yet sturdy and made of high-quality materials that ensure its durability. The other features seem to be very good for massage table standards. The clients’ feedback is also positive regarding both the quality and price.

Aluminum Lightweight Portable Massage Table

Lightweight Portable Massage Table made with aluminum ensures strength, stability, and durability with its thoughtful engineering design. This type of construction also helps it to be lightweight for making it extremely portable compared to other massage tables of this category.

High-density padding

It comes with the precision-crafted hardwoods and also features a 2.56-Inch High-Density Foam Deck that provides luxury padding to ensure a great massaging experience.

Convenient tote

The massage table comes with a premium carry bag with a shoulder strap that allows you to conveniently tote your massage table.

Other features

It does have some more features to complement its overall performance such as the rounded corners to save you from getting shoved. It also has the PU deck that is waterproof and oil resistant and the durable stitching making things more convenient.

Our Opinion

This Lightweight Portable Massage Table provides a great value for the price. Some extra accessories like the sidearm attachments are missing. However, the build quality and features like great cushioning and quick setup and fold up provision make it up for anything that is missed. One thing that you can use while setting it up is the rubber mat as the aluminum legs are light and can slide on wooden floors.

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